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Welcome to Instructional Resources
Please use the pages to your left to access resources for a variety of purposes
including assessment, forms, step-by-step tutorials, advising, committee information, and more!

If you are not finding what you are looking for or need to add something to the Resources page please
send an email to

The new Internet Explorer 9 (found on Windows 7 environments) is not compatible with most discussion forums including My.Wartburg forums.

If you or a student types a response to a post in the discussion forum and your text does not appear after click...

The decision has been implemented that when DVD players are no  longer functional in classrooms the DVD player will not be replaced. Instructors may use the computer instead to play a DVD.
If assistance is required, contact IT or submit a reques...
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Instructional Technology Mentors
Winter Term
Wartburg College

   Stephanie TeKippe - Program Leader
   LH 300
   Department: Educational Technology

   Fred Ribich
   Department: Dean's Office
   Penni Pier
   Department: Communications