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The new Internet Explorer 9 (found on Windows 7 environments) is not compatible with most discussion forums including My.Wartburg forums.

If you or a student types a response to a post in the discussion forum and your text does not appear after click...

The decision has been implemented that when DVD players are no  longer functional in classrooms the DVD player will not be replaced. Instructors may use the computer instead to play a DVD.
If assistance is required, contact IT or submit a reques...
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Instructional Technology Mentors
Winter Term
Wartburg College

   Stephanie TeKippe - Program Leader
   Assistant Professor of Education
   Assistant Dean of Faculty Development
   Fred Ribich
   Director of Institutional Research
   Professor of Psychology

   Penni Pier
   Grant L. Price Chair of Journalism & Communication
   Professor of Communication Arts


New forms of scholarship, new educational pathways, and new interconnections and dependencies characterize thedigitally rich landscape of higher education today. We are living and working in an age in which connections areblends of unique relationships and new social mores, crisscrossing an eclectic panorama of technology solutions and smart devices. In today’s world, planning and delivering IT services for residential and virtual campuses entailscreative reexamination of all our premises, from partnerships and collaborations, to business models and processes, to services and service delivery.

This session will define and explore the new, connected landscape we all must gingerly yet strategically navigate. It also will examine how traditional higher education, whether large research or small liberal arts, should be adapting to the opportunities and challenges presented by the ubiquity and pervasiveness of connectivity.

Delivering On The Career Promise: How To Incorporate Experiential Learning Curriculum Into The Student Experience.
2013 The Horizon Report in Action: Emerging Technologies Today and Tomorrow
Assessment at Work: Increasing Student Success

This presentation provides an overview of utilizing assessment findings and research discoveries to help increase student success. The presenter addresses the question “Given the data you collect, how well can you inform collaborative conversations around policy formation/revision or administrative practice to improve student success?"

Implementing Innovative Learning Environments – The Future of the Connected Classroom
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