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2016-17 Year End Reports
FDC Year End Report (.doc, 39K)
FDC (.doc, 39K)
2012-13 End of Year Reports
FC EOY Report (.docx, 19K)
FDC EOY Report (.doc, 36K)
ITS EOY Report (.docx, 19K)
MDSC EOY Report (.docx, 19K)
Student Media EOY Report (.docx, 16K)
AR&T EOY Report (.docx, 26K)
12-13 FRC EOY report (.docx, 116K)
12-13 GenEd EOY Report (.docx, 18K)
2011-12 Archived End of Year Reports
Student Media Committee (.docx, 16K)
EPC (.pdf, 43K)
FRC (.docx, 143K)
LESC (.doc, 122K)
HARRC (.docx, 12K)
FC (.docx, 11K)
GEC (.doc, 55K)
IRC (.docx, 15K)
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15-16 Archived Minutes
All A&S Minutes (.docx, 21K)
All AR&T Minutes (.docx, 19K)
All MEC Minutes (.doc, 43K)
All EPC Minutes (.docx, 31K)
All Gen Ed Minutes (.docx, 22K)
All IRB Minutes (.docx, 19K)
All FC Minutes (.docx, 32K)
All FRC Minutes (.docx, 24K)
All FDC Minutes (.docx, 17K)
All LESC minutes (.docx, 19K)
All Retention Minutes (.doc, 73K)
14-15 Archived Minutes
All GEC Minutes (.docx, 17K)
All FDC Minutes (.docx, 20K)
All FRC Minutes (.doc, 50K)
All EPC Minutes (.docx, 49K)
All D&I Minutes (.docx, 15K)
All SLIC Minutes (.docx, 13K)
All MEC (.doc, 82K)
All AR&T Minutes (.docx, 555K)
All IACUC Minutes (.docx, 21K)
All IRB Minutes (.docx, 34K)
All FC Minutes (.docx, 30K)
All A&S Minutes (.docx, 22K)
All Retention Minutes (.docx, 48K)
13-14 Archived Minutes
All A&S Minutes (.docx, 21K)
All AR&T minutes (.docx, 39K)
All EPC Minutes (.docx, 63K)
All Faculty Council Minutes (.docx, 29K)
All FDC Minutes (.docx, 20K)
All FRC Minutes (.doc, 29K)
All Gen Ed Minutes (.doc, 42K)
All HARRC Minutes (.docx, 54K)
All LESC Minutes (.docx, 25K)
All MDC Minutes (.docx, 14K)
All Retention Minutes (.docx, 35K)
All SLIC Minutes (.docx, 14K)
10-11 Archived Minutes
All A&S Minutes (.doc, 48K)
All AR&T Minutes (.doc, 36K)
All EPC Minutes (.docx, 45K)
All FC Minutes (.docx, 27K)
All FDC MInutes (.doc, 100K)
All FRC Minutes (.doc, 22K)
All Gen Ed Minutes (.rtf, 149K)
All IRC MInutes (.docx, 73K)
All LESC Minutes (.docx, 24K)
All MDSC MInutes (.docx, 10K)
All Retention Minutes (.doc, 103K)
All SLIC MInutes (.docx, 22K)
09-10 Archived Minutes
All A&S Minutes (.docx, 26K)
All EPC Minutes (.doc, 82K)
All FC Minutes (.doc, 29K)
All FDC Minutes (.doc, 100K)
All FRC Minutes (.docx, 14K)
All IRC Minutes (.doc, 68K)
All LESC Minutes (.doc, 93K)
All Retention Minutes (.docx, 64K)
All SLIC Minutes (.doc, 28K)
All Student Media Minutes (.docx, 11K)
08-09 Archived Minutes
All A&S Minutes (.doc, 70K)
All AR&T Minutes (.doc, 3036K)
All EPC Minutes (.doc, 64K)
All FC Minutes (.docx, 13K)
All FDC MInutes (.doc, 57K)
All FRC Minutes (.rtf, 58K)
All Gen Ed Minutes (.doc, 34K)
All GMCS Minutes (.doc, 49K)
All HARRC Minutes (.docx, 13K)
All IRC MInutes (.doc, 251K)
All LEC Minutes (.docx, 17K)
All SLIC Minutes (.docx, 19K)
All Retention Minutes (.doc, 75K)
07-08 Archived Minutes
All A&S Minutes (.doc, 64K)
All AR&T MInutes (.doc, 103K)
All EPC Minutes (.doc, 110K)
All FC Minutes (.doc, 147K)
All FDC Minutes (.doc, 208K)
All FRC Minutes (.doc, 75K)
All Gen Ed Minutes (.doc, 72K)
All GMCS Minutes (.doc, 31K)
All HARRC Minutes (.doc, 41K)
All IRC Minutes (.doc, 3323K)
All LEC Minutes (.doc, 66K)
All Retention Minutes (.doc, 108K)
All SLIC Minutes (.doc, 33K)
06-07 Archived Minutes
All A&S Minutes (.doc, 72K)
All AR&T MInutes (.doc, 110K)
All B&B Minutes (.doc, 29K)
All EPC Minutes (.doc, 88K)
All FC MInutes (.doc, 119K)
All FDC MInutes (.doc, 109K)
All FRC Minutes (.doc, 71K)
All Gen Ed Minutes (.doc, 82K)
All GMCS Minutes (.doc, 71K)
All HARRC Minutes (.doc, 24K)
All IRC Minutes (.doc, 1396K)
All LEC Minutes (.doc, 71K)
All Retention Minutes (.doc, 114K)
All SLIC MInutes (.doc, 119K)
05-06 Archived Minutes
All A&S Minutes (.docx, 27K)
All AR&T MInutes (.docx, 16K)
All B&B MInutes (.docx, 18K)
All EPC MInutes (.docx, 22K)
All FC Minutes (.docx, 24K)
All FDC Minutes (.docx, 26K)
All FRC Minutes (.docx, 39K)
All Gen Ed MInutes (.docx, 20K)
All GMCS Minutes (.docx, 21K)
All IRC Minutes (.docx, 40K)
All LEC Minutes (.docx, 19K)
All RACFI Minutes (.docx, 15K)
All Retention MInutes (.docx, 33K)
All SLIC Minutes (.doc, 21K)
04-05 Archived Minutes
04-05 A&S Minutes (.docx, 20K)
04-05 AR&T Minutes (.docx, 16K)
04-05 EPC Minutes (.docx, 22K)
04-05 FC Minutes (.docx, 25K)
04-05 FDC Minutes (.docx, 16K)
04-05 FRC Minutes (.docx, 21K)
04-05 Gen Ed Minutes (.docx, 26K)
04-05 GMCS Minutes (.docx, 21K)
04-05 IRC Minutes (.docx, 33K)
04-05 LEC Minutes (.docx, 20K)
04-05 RACFI Minutes (.docx, 36K)
04-05 Retention Minutes (.docx, 34K)
04-05 Sexual Harassment Minutes (.doc, 21K)
04-05 Wartburg West Minutes (.doc, 24K)
11-12 Archived Minutes
11-12 AR&T Minutes (.docx, 21K)
11-12 A&S Minutes (.doc, 76K)
11-12 EPC Minutes (.doc, 108K)
11-12 Faculty Council Minutes (.docx, 25K)
11-12 FDC Minutes (.doc, 28K)
11-12 IRC Minutes (.rtf, 170K)
11-12 MDC Minutes (.docx, 17K)
11-12 Retention Minutes (.docx, 192K)
11-12 SLIC Minutes (.docx, 17K)
12-13 Archived Minutes
12-13 A&S Minutes (.doc, 72K)
12-13 AR&T Minutes (.docx, 15K)
12-13 EPC Minutes (.docx, 59K)
12-13 Faculty Council Minutes (.docx, 29K)
12-13 FDC Minutes (.doc, 44K)
12-13 FRC Minutes (.docx, 20K)
12-13 GenEd Minutes (.doc, 89K)
12-13 HARRC Minutes (.docx, 73K)
12-13 MDC Minutes (.docx, 19K)
12-13 Retention Minutes (.docx, 41K)
12-13 SLIC Minutes (.docx, 29K)
12-13 Student Media Minutes (.docx, 14K)
All D&I Minutes (.docx, 29K)
All Gen Ed Minutes (.docx, 36K)
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