Recommended courses for pre-med (and other pre-health) students.

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Another document about which medical schools to apply to, and factors to consider in that process.

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A document about writing your personal statement for medical school applications. The advice applies to applications to other types of professional school as well. Also check out the Write for Success guide from Pathways.

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This document was released by the Federation of State Medical Boards to give an overview of how doctors are licensed in the United States.
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This has a great figure in it--the factors admissions committees emphasize when choosing students to interview vs. the factors admissions committees emphasize when choosing which interviewees to accept.
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There is more variation in PA School requirements as compared to other professional schools. This is a spreadsheet of institutions in Iowa and surrounding states as of the Fall of 2018. Be sure to verify this information for schools you are particularly interested in--schools do change their requirements!

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General Health Professions

This is a great site for exploring different health-related careers.

What should students be allowed to do as volunteers?


Information for students interested in dentistry.

Physician Assistant