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Quizzes and Tests
Quiz/Test Options (.pdf, 354K)
Student Directions for Locked Browser (.pdf, 103K)
Add a Quiz or Test (.pdf, 58K)
Convert a Quiz or Test from Word into My.Wartburg (.pdf, 593K)
Random Questions From a Pool of Questions (.pdf, 40K)
Import a Quiz or Test from a Test Bank (.pdf, 49K)
Test Analysis (.pdf, 42K)
Automatic Feedback (.pdf, 52K)
Create a Rubric in Coursework (.pdf, 47K)
Automatic Deduction for Late Work (.pdf, 36K)
Student Directions - Upload a Document in Coursework (.pdf, 175K)
Download All Documents for an Assignment in Coursework (.pdf, 286K)
Add Students & Roles
Add an SI – Add a Role (.pdf, 122K)
Create Learning Teams & Give Permissions (.pdf, 53K)
Add an SI - Add a Non-roster Student (.pdf, 63K)
Combine Two Courses into One Section on My.Wartburg (.pdf, 45K)
Discussion Forums
Grade Discussion Questions in Forums (.pdf, 40K)
Discussion Forums (.pptx, 160K)
Gradebook in My.Wartburg
Gradebook Set Up - Custom Method (.pdf, 103K)
Gradebook Set Up - Manual Method (.pdf, 58K)
Gradebook Set Up - Point Method (.pdf, 71K)
Gradebook Set Up - Type Method (.pdf, 111K)
Gradebook Set Up - Unit Method (.pdf, 105K)
Gradebook (.pptx, 152K)
Web Tools and Applications
Active Learning Tools to use in My.Wartburg (.pdf, 2907K)
Web 2.0 Tools (.pptx, 218K)
TurnIt In (.pptx, 295K)
Turn PowerPoint into Flash (.pptx, 843K)
Favorite Web Applications for Classrooms (.docx, 50K)
Mobile Devices (.pptx, 826K)
My.Wartburg Faculty Guide (.pdf, 24536K)
Online Assessment (.pptx, 506K)
No Need To Cancel Class...Put Class Online (.pptx, 212K)
Coursework (.pptx, 160K)
Learning Groups (.pptx, 219K)
Add Custom Content (.pptx, 784K)
Chat Room (.pptx, 157K)
Add Video to My.Wartburg (.pptx, 168K)
Add an SI or SA (.pdf, 122K)
Copy Courses (.pdf, 47K)
Add a Page (.pdf, 44K)
Upload Your Syllabus (.pdf, 177K)
Embed a YouTube Video into My.Wartburg (.pdf, 175K)
eLearning Faculty Guide (.pdf, 24536K)
Presentations - Faculty Development
Instructional Technology 2014 Fall Faculty Workshop (.ppt, 333K)
2015-16 Instructional Technology Training Schedule (.docx, 13K)
2016-17 Fac Dev Training Schedule (.docx, 15K)
InfoCenter Directions (.pdf, 116K)
Campus Instructional Technology Plan 2015-19 (.docx, 634K)
Add a Handout and Move to a Set (.pdf, 173K)
Student Learning Assessment Guide 2015-16 (.pdf, 625K)
Automatic Feedback (.pdf, 52K)
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