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Creating connections - connecting sentence halves

This task also guides TN to the correct understanding of the text by linking together related statements. Similar to the right-wrong task, these less educated participants give the opportunity to check their understanding before starting to work on more complex tasks.




Multiple-choice questions




For literary texts, cross-check exercises based on the multiple-choice procedure can also be offered, in which the participants choose the correct answer from several options.







partner stories

For this narrative activity, in which participants should independently play a short story or a section of text in their own words - without consulting notes - two different texts are required. Because of their brevity, the two texts by Franz Hohler ( A Plane History and The Seller and the Elk ) are well suited, since the participants can easily memorize them due to the special plot and the highlights.

The class is divided in half. Group A remains in the classroom, group B leaves it. The KL tells group A one of the stories, then he tells group B (unless he has hired a high-performing TN) to tell the other story. He also supports both narratives with facial expressions and gestures to demonstrate to the participant that such a narrative can also be meaningfully accompanied by these.

Then both groups meet in the classroom, each participant from group A is looking for a partner from group B. The participants tell each other their unknown stories, while the KL goes from partner pair to partner pair, in order to provide support and make essential mistakes Correction in the plenary (without mentioning who did it). The content of the narrative should be reproduced in your own words if possible.


Making drawings

Content of literary texts can be used by the participants to make drawings, although they will not understand every word. For example, the tree in Helga Schubert's story of the same name can be quickly sketched without the participants needing great artistic talent. The corresponding information on how this tree looks can be found in the text. This type of visualization made it easier for the participants to understand the text, and at the same time they were motivated to create their own personal interpretation in an imaginative and creative way.


Characterization of people through drawings and collages

At the beginning of a reading, the participants are asked to collect information from the text together with the main character of the short story or the novel and to continuously add to it during the reading. In addition to collecting personal data and information, such lists may contain characteristic adjectives, but may also contain feedback from the participants on how the person concerned affects them. The visualization of the person (eg on a poster) is helpful, since the participants can add the collages they create themselves as they progress - see below.







It is also possible to create profiles for the people involved, in which the following characteristics such as name, age, job, family, hobbies, etc. are collected.


Character traits of the hero

Reading the stories The salesperson and the moose or anecdote to lower the work ethic give the participant a first impression of how the salesperson in the first text or the tourist in the second text should be assessed. This <a href="">Quotes of the Day </a> gives the participants the opportunity to describe the characters in more detail.





The participants work together with a partner or in a small group. They write the adjectives and nouns on individual cards. The cards are shuffled and put on a stack. Everyone draws a card in turn and gives an opinion on the word as to whether this term applies to a person.

The cards can also be spread out on the table separately according to nouns and adjectives. The participants look for possible combinations that apply to the selected person.


Guess thoughts

In literary texts, the courses of action and reactions of the people involved in conflict situations are often described. Here it is a good idea to have the participants sketch and write the thoughts of the respective characters, eg "What does the woman think in Ilse Aichinger's window theater when she is watching the old man?" The question can only be answered by the text consulted again and search for clues .


Visualization of the action through drawings

This task is based on the assumption that processes, actions in different places or people can be drawn and that the drawings can be used as starting points for summarizing or explaining texts. As an example, drawing “the stage” or the main characters in Ilse Aichinger's window theater can be given here .

But fairy tales can also be drawn by sketching donkeys, cats, dogs and roosters at their first meeting in the fairy tale The Bremen Town Musicians (actors),




further sketches prove their way (signposts towards Bremen, robber house) and illustrate how they drive the robbers out of the house (pyramid).


Creation of collages for the plot

During or at the end of the work on a literary text, participants are asked to make a suitable collage for the plot. Old newspapers, magazines, advertising flyers, but also your own photos etc. can be used for this. These collages can also be supplemented by drawings. This procedure was successfully used in the treatment of Helga Schubert Himmel , for example , in that the participants made a collage about the narrator's flight, which also illustrated  <a href="">Quotes</a> the things she saw from above - for example, the castle she was flying towards.


Creation of a photo novel for a text

Existing photos (of the participant) can be used for the creation of a text-accompanying (or supplementary) photo novel or they can be commissioned to take suitable photos with the help of a digital camera. Individual text passages or sequences of actions are suitable for the design of the photo novel. It might be interesting, for example, to read about Tucholsky's story. Where do the holes in cheese come from? such a photo novel could be created. In the age of digital cameras, the corresponding recordings can be made quickly and easily and edited with the computer.


Describe conflicts

Conflicts play an essential role in literary texts. A distinction must be made between the external and the internal conflict.

The external conflict

A conflict is a perceptible collision between two sides and / or people, or an openly held fight or argument. The conflict between men and women in Kurt Marti's story Happy End can be mentioned here as an example.

The inner conflict

In many literary works, however, there is often an inner conflict of opposing values ​​and forces, which means that a person vacillates between duty and inclination, their will and a task. In the story mentioned above, for example, it becomes clear that the woman in the happy ending is torn between affection and rejection of her husband.

In partner work, participants can search for, describe and comment on examples of external and internal conflicts in the text .


Acrostychon to the milieu of the action

Associations are collected for a vertically written association word. These can be single words or sentence fragments or sentences. Working in groups or in a plenary session can be advantageous because you can evaluate faster, but individual work is more personal.




For example, participants can work alone or with a partner. After reading the first few pages / chapters of a text, write a word or line for each letter that fits the milieu mentioned in the text.

The results are used as a reason for discussion - for example when presenting the results in the plenum.

(Example on Franz Hohler's An Airplane History)

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