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Cafestol in Coffee and Flavanol in Chocolate to Reduce Diabetes There are 0 replies:
Cafestol in Coffee and Flavanol in Chocolate to Reduce Diabetes Original post: Tue 1/5/2021 at 6:15 AM

Diabetes Self-Management has revealed the benefits offered by coffee and chocolate to help prevent diabetes in its latest studies. Several researchers have recently found that cafestol, which is an essential element in coffee has been known to increase insulin secretion along with reduction of fasting glucose levels. Cafestol has not been the only chemical that proves its benefits against diabetes. There would be more than 1000 chemicals that have proven to be helpful in keeping the blood sugar levels under control.

How does cafestol helps in diabetes

Cafestol has been similar to diabetes medicines. It has been known to increase the glucose uptake into muscle cells. Unfortunately, the drip-brewed coffee would be inclusive of very little cafestol. Therefore, you should look forward to drinking espresso or Turkish/Greek coffee. These have been known to offer more benefits of cafestol. Adding too much of cream and sugar that has been known to increase sugar and fat content in coffee. Therefore, you should try to make use of both moderately in order to gain benefits offered by the coffee bean.

Benefits of increased coffee intake

Several studies have revealed that you should increase your coffee intake. The HSPH (Harvard School of Public Health) conducted a study whereby more than 120,000 people were under observation. Among these people, those who increased their coffee consumption by one cup a day were known to reduce the risk of developing Type 2 Diabetes by approximately 11%. On the contrary, those who reduced coffee consumption were known to have 17% increased risk of developing diabetes.

Chocolate also offers benefits against diabetes

When it comes to chocolates, the flavanols entailed in chocolate would be helpful against diabetes. The antioxidant has been known to maintain your blood sugar levels and weight. However, Healthlinerx suggests you should not consume too much of chocolates, but one or two squares of dark chocolate would be highly beneficial.

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