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Becoming a millionaire with Telegram Original post: Tue 5/5/2020 at 9:35 PM

Becoming a millionaire with Telegram

Types of monetization models by creating a telegram channel

Educational channel

Build an educational channel to earn money from Telegram
Nowadays, as people become more specialized, channels with specialized topics in a field are more important, for example, instead of presenting all the content related to management and leadership, human resources, marketing, etc. in one channel, Work in one of these buy telegram members, but in a detailed and specialized way, or instead of having a channel all together about cooking, family, fitness, raising children, etc., work on one of these topics and become a reference in it. .

Revenue model

While you have an educational channel related to a specific field and have provided valuable material for the growth of this channel and have done advertisements, go to the providers of these trainings such as organizations holding training courses, publications or influential people in that field and introduce your channel to them. To give you their advertisements in that field.

Act for each different context. For example, suppose you have a specialized cooking training channel, in which case you should go to a food company to indirectly advertise the foods you can use in their products. Of course, a variety of restaurants and online food ordering platforms are also a good option to introduce yourself to them for advertising.
Online stores are also a good choice to visit, as you will eventually find products that are relevant to your channel's theme. If these stores are reluctant to pay a fixed fee, offer them a sales partnership.

2. Entertainment channel

Make money from Telegram by creating an entertainment channel
Creating an entertainment channel may seem like the easiest way to make money from Telegram, because everyone has at least one entertainment channel, and it also seems easier to collect channel content, but you're somewhat wrong! It's true that the entertainment channel market is hot, but many people think the same way and go about this kind of monetization, so competition is a little harder than in specialized channels.
If you want to create a fun channel, look for a difference, a competitive advantage, something that sets you apart in the audience's mind. In Iran, there are similar channels that have their own unique characteristics. For example, visual design is done by all the posts themselves, or they use professional photos or they publish the same normal photos with unique captions (text below the photo). All of this takes a lot of time and effort. In order to be a part of the entertainment market of Telegram channels, you need to create a special feature for your channel, and in this way, you may need the help of other talented people.

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Entertainment channels can also be a bit more specialized; for example, if you want to work in music, it's a good idea to have separate channels with different categories based on language, nationality, or style of music.

Income model

Implement normal advertising on your channel. Set your ad tariff based on the average number of visits at a given time and the length of time your ad has been on the channel, and then design and present other revenue-generating projects for your customers to see more of that ad post. For example, do not publish any posts on your channel for a certain period of time after advertising, or forward the post to your channel again after a certain period of time.
You can create your own entertainment channel for your city. Your market may be limited, but you have a better chance of attracting members to that city and continuing to advertise locally.
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After a long time, I got a chance to visit this page.I remained quite busy in a online project but I feel really glad to see such amazing changes on your page. Well done and keep it up.

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Tips to Save Money on Hotel Rooms Posted: Sat 5/30/2020 at 12:23 AM, in reply to guest guest
Booking a lodging can be a mind-boggling experience: Where do you search for rates? How would you know whether you're getting a decent arrangement? How would you know whether the inn is any acceptable? 
We've assembled a rundown of tips that we expectation can help demystify the procedure and assist you with getting a better than average room at a decent worth. 
Shop Around 
When hoping to book a cheap hotel, presumably the most significant hint for getting a decent arrangement is to look around and think about costs. 
A cost for a lodging can change a considerable amount from online travel office (e.g., MakemyTrip Hotel Offers, ClearTrip Deals, Expedia, and so on.) to online travel office, and booking straightforwardly through the inn doesn't generally guarantee the most reduced cost either. Online travel offices may have arranged rates with singular lodgings or with whole inn networks, so you have to check the entirety of the significant sites to ensure you're not passing up an uncommon rate. 
Looking through 3 or 4 of these sites should give you a truly decent feeling of rates for your chose timeframe and area. Note that nobody site look through each site and finds each and every rate that is out there, so you need to search cheap hotel around. At any rate looking through different sites doesn't require a great deal of physical exertion! 
Skill to Sort Your Search Results 
At the point when you search a significant online travel office's site, you will be given a rundown of rates by lodging. Know that the outcomes you see are the outcomes that the site needs you to see — and not really what's best for you. Exploit their arranging instruments, and sort the outcomes in the ways that best serve you (possibly first by value, at that point by star rating, at that point by area, and so on.) to get a decent feeling of your alternatives. 
Check the Hotel's Website 
When you've discovered a couple of inns/rates that look great, check the lodging's site legitimately. To do this, go to Google and type for the sake of the lodging and afterward navigate to the inn to check for rates. Regularly, inns (especially a portion of the greater chains) will have an 'arrangements' or 'specials' area, so remember to check there after you locate their essential rate. 
Check for Deals 
Various sites list travel bargains, and infrequently you can discover something pertinent for your remain. We recommend looking at couponsabc specials offers & bargains segment.
Peruse Hotel Reviews 
There's nothing more awful than getting to your goal night-time (or long stretches) of voyaging and afterward finding your lodging or the structure opposite your inn under development, or seeing your room as more terrible than the photos appeared. So we propose attempting to get familiar with the inn by perusing surveys from genuine individuals who have really remained in the lodging as of late. 
A general dependable guideline that we like to finish is to filter a few audits, especially the latest, and search for realities. Feelings are hard to channel, yet realities (especially ongoing realities) can be of help. 
Book It! 
On the off chance that you've followed advise above, you ought to have an entirely decent feel for inn rates for your goal. So now, we propose going ahead with booking your room. Costs change constantly, contingent upon flexibly and request and a lodging's feeling of what gracefully and request will resemble later on. On the off chance that you pause, you could show signs of improvement bargain later on if request ends up being lower than anticipated, yet you may likewise discover low cost hotel rates moving the other way. As a rule, except if we're a while out, we like to book when we discover a rate we can live with — and especially if there's an opportunity interest for lodgings will be high for the timeframe of our outing.
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