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What if the child has a sharp dislike for reading? There are 3 replies:
What if the child has a sharp dislike for reading? Original post: Tue 4/21/2020 at 8:09 AM

Question. The daughter of 2.5 years very much loved to read fairy tales, on 5-10 times, she showed initiative and chose. But for two months, they are categorically refusing to read them, even the most beloved ones. How to return interest in books?

The answer is. When I hear a parent's story that a child has suddenly changed his behavior, changed his preferences, for me it is a signal that something is happening to the child and the task of adults is to decipher, understand the message. You write that the daughter of two and a half years refuses to read favorite books. It seems to me that the case may not be in the books at all, and the love of reading here is absolutely nothing. I have a lot of questions in my head, the answers to which would allow me to see the picture more broadly. Try to ask them yourself, and perhaps after you answer them, something will become clearer about your daughter.

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