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Tips for HSC Students Original post: Sun 5/3/2020 at 10:22 AM

 HSC candidates are not dependent on parents for any subject. So the examinee has to do something from his own conscience. Now the examinee will take care of his body a little more than at other times. A little illness can lead to catastrophic consequences. At present, the weather in March-April in our country is not very pleasant for health. Besides some seasonal ailments, there may be minor ailments. Such as cough, fever, sore throat, and cold. It is not desirable for anyone to lie in bed with the disease before the exam. Because every moment of the present is precious. Casual chatting, traveling away, wandering in the sun for a long time should be avoided. Eat and drink regularly. Do not eat anything that causes indigestion. Be careful drinking water. Drinking pure water will protect against diseases like jaundice, diarrhea, or stomach ache for stay healthy and great achievement on HSC exam result

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