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20 Technical Courses After Graduation Original post: Sun 6/14/2020 at 10:29 AM

Many students face problems in choosing the correct and appropriate courses after their graduation. But some students make their firm decision about what to be done after graduation. If you get confused about choosing the right career, then you should first decide the field in which you are interested. Additionally, throw a light on your skills and experience. Choose the course in which you are able to work conveniently and comfortably. There are several technical courses available after graduation. These courses vary depending upon your fields, such as arts, commerce, and science. 

See the following courses and have an overlook on it to get a basic idea. 



PGDM stands for PG Diploma in Management. This is one of the best courses to do after graduation. A student will be able to learn the professional skills of business management in this course. Additionally, an individual may get higher opportunities to seek the job of a manager in the industries. There are several categories in the PGDM course. An individual can choose the course of his/her choice. 



MBA stands for Master in Business Administration. This course is the same as that of PGDM. An individual will get to learn business management skills, leadership, and more. A wide variety of different disciplines in MBA are available. You can select the specialization of your interest. 


MTech is the most well-known and renowned course after the completion of graduation. Students who have completed their Bachelor's degree should prefer this course. However, there are various domains available in MTech. But the stream that the individual had in his/her bachelor's degree should continue the same stream for MTech. This would be more beneficial and fruitful. 


CFA stands for Certification in Finance and Accounting. Especially the students who completed their CA or CS should strictly prefer this course. This is one of the most prestigious courses done by the students after graduation. 

Project Management:

Another course to be done after graduation is Project Manager. In this course, an individual will get to learn about how to handle the projects in the company, how to make a project efficient, how to promote the project, etc. Project Managers play a very vital role in every aspect of the industry. 


BAT stands for Business Accounting and Taxation. In this course, the students will learn the advance skills of accounting and taxation. Also, they will learn the rules and regulations of the country's economy. The duration of this course is very less, i.e. 6 months. So, the students can expertise this course in a very shorter time. 


MCom stands for Master in Commerce. Like MBA, PGDM, and MTech, this is also a two years course. Students from the commerce field are most preferred. In this course, an individual can enhance his/her marketing, business, management, and many more skills. 

PGD in Computer Management:

Postgraduation diploma in computer management is one of the best courses for students from the Computer Science stream. This course is a one-year course which provides knowledge of various aspects of computer science. Students can later work as Software Engineers, System Programmers, Analyst in the IT industry. 

Mobile App Development:

Mobile App Development is a short-term course that enables students to learn how to develop applications for Android, iOS, etc. This course is the most preferred course by the students from CS and IT background. 

Machine Learning:

Machine Learning is another best course for students from CS and IT. This course is very interesting. Machine learning means providing the knowledge to the machine so that it gives a suitable output. 


MSW stands for Masters in Social Work. As the name indicates, it enables students to expertise in social working skills. The students who have done their graduation in Social Work (BSW) are mostly preferred for this course. This course is also a two years course. 

Event Management Course:

Students who are looking for management jobs should incline towards Event Management Course. In this course, students are trained with effective and efficient management techniques. Students will learn how to supervise, organise, and schedule and event, what should be the agenda of the event, etc. 

Masters in Artificial Intelligence:

Masters in Artificial Intelligence is the most preferred course by the IT and CS students. The artificial intelligence is the most advanced and progressive technology in the field of computer. Students can achieve the designation of AI Specialists in the IT industries.

Banking Course:

Many students today are moving towards the banking course. It enables students to get a job in many renowned banks. There are various institutions and classes available to get a certified banking course. 


FRM stands for Financial Risk Manager. Students who want their career in finance should choose this course after graduation. This course enables students to learn about accounting, finance, assets, and all terms related to finance. 

Business Analytics:

Business Analytics is the best course for students who want to develop their skills in business. This course is a short-term course and can be learned online. 

Data Visualisation:

Data visualisation is one of the most preferred courses today. In this course, students learn how to represent the data in the form of images. 

Digital Marketing:

Digital Marketing is also the best option to follow after graduation. It enables students to learn about how to promote the products digitally. There is a huge amount of scope for students in this field. 


BLS stands for Bachelor of Library Science. This course tutors the students about how to manage and organise the library for schools, college, etc. Students from the arts stream prefer this course mostly. 


Journalism is the best course for students who have an interest in making reports of various events. In the journalism course, an individual will learn about how to gather information, organise it and present it in an impressive way.

I hope, we have covered all the important courses in the list above

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