This group page is a place for students to discover the options available to them within the Biology Department and help them plan their academic career at Wartburg. Please use the resources here in conjunction with meeting with your academic advisor to develop the best plan for you!

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This document is used by Pathways to help students identify ways to improve study skills and use study time more effectively.

Career-related Web Sites

This site has state-specific career information.

Many links for career ideas by discipline, as well as aptitude tests to help you determine possible new directions.  (You can also make an appointment with Pathways to discuss ideas in person.)

Other Wartburg opportunities

Sophomores through seniors can spend a semester or a summer at Wartburg's "campus" in Denver, CO.  All Wartburg West experiences are built around an intensive urban internship experience; if you go during a semester, you take some classes, too.  Let your adviser know as soon as possible if you might want to be gone for a semester so you can plan accordingly.  Applications for the summer are usually due at the start of the fall prior.

Advisors are also a great source for talking to about internship ideas.  Experience is a very important part of your resume, as well as helps you figure out what you're really interested in.

Money is available for doing research with professors during the semester or summer.  The first step is to talk to a professor you might like to work with, but this page provides more information about that funding.  This page also has a link to many off-campus research opportunities for summers.

The GMCS office on campus has information on May terms and semester long study abroad opportunities.  In addition to the opportunities listed, they can help you figure out how to transfer back credit if you find your own study abroad opportunity. It isn't true that certain pre-professional paths can't work with study abroad; however, careful planning may be necessary.  Therefore, let your adviser know as soon as possible if you might want to be gone for a semester so you can plan accordingly.